Janel Energy Services

MWD Services

We can help both operators and directional drilling companies improve their operations. Janel utilizes industry leading AI, ML and NLU platforms to enhance drilling performance.

Janel has access to industry leading MWD/LWD Services. Our staff can help you find the right tools for your application.

Drilling optimization


 technology leader in Directional drilling optimization

Janel can provide your project with experienced professional directional drilling staff.

Janel Energy Services offers technologically advanced drilling performance and downhole measurement services. We’re committed to providing our customers with exceptional directional drilling support, management, training and technology.

We approach every project with a focus on efficiency, performance, and reliability. With the latest in Artificially Intelligent (AI) systems integration, Janel is creating cutting edge solutions that are changing the way performance is measured. Janel has partnered with the industry’s leading AI experts to integrate proprietary machine learning models to ensure clients receive value that translates into increased performance, lower risk, decreased costs and improved reliability.