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Our People

We have experienced and professional staff and contractors. Our teams are customer focused and results driven.

Industry leading value

OUR goal is to deliver results.

MWD Technology

We provide a broad spectrum of technology from industry leading manufacturers. This structure secures the right technology for your application.


With innovative technical drilling analysis and industry leading software solutions, we can help you exceed your drilling performance goals.

Janel Energy Services directional drilling is different. We embrace the on-demand economy model and have broken the mold of traditional service company models. We believe that Access > Ownership when it comes to drilling tools & technology. We partner with industry leading equipment manufacturers to offer our clients fit-for-purpose tools and technology for their project needs. Why own outdated technology and have our clients pay to service and maintain it, when we can offer them the latest technology that is proven and reliable, at a lower price point? We are proud to be pioneers of a change in the way service companies are bringing value to their customers. No matter what you need, Janel has you covered!

Motor Technology

We  have access to industry leading motor manufacturers. We understand the market and can help you get the right motor for your application.

Whether you are looking for technical drilling support, engineering development, directional supervision, drilling optimization or horizontal well planning, Janel has the experience and knowledge you need to support your goals.