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We believe the success of your project relies on our ability to put the right drilling motor technology on your project. This requires us to have unrestricted access to all available technologies on the market. Not all drilling motor technologies are created equal and not all have the same application. Some are more affordable than others while some technologies are more expensive and more technically capable than others.

"Access to a multitude of great products is greater than owning them. This gives us an advantage over the competition. While our competitors are fighting with fixed costs of assets, we provide more value to our clients at lower costs. Our model provides more options, value and performance than any other in the sector."

Regardless of your project needs, we will ensure you get the best drilling motor for that application. We understand the capabilities and motor technology available on the market today and can assist you with getting a fit-for-purpose application. Not all stators, elastomers, rotor coating options, lower ends, bearings, housing and drivelines are alike. Some are more capable than others and some can be more reliable in certain downhole drilling environments than others. We address the requirements of the project and ensure you get drilling motors suited for the project objectives. 

Project Requirements

Fit For Purpose

  • Hard Rubber Elastomer
  • Made in the U.S.A. Products
  • Short Bit To Bend Bearing Housings
  • Fixed and Adjustable Settings
  • Stabilized & Non-stabilized Lower Ends
  • Mud & Oil Lube Lower Ends
  • ​High Temperature Fits
  • Slim Hole
  • Short Radius
  • Hundreds of Configurations to Choose

Drilling Motor