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Depending on the project needs, we can tailor fit an MWD that is fit for purpose without having to own that technology. No matter the requirement, we can fulfill the need with unprecedented access to multiple vendors and manufacturers, all with industry leading reliability numbers to ensure you get the best quality for the price.

Technology Deployed

Janel Energy Services directional drilling provides the client with proven and reliable technology and staff for the most demanding drilling environments. With years of engineering knowledge and experience, our team can provide exceptional MWD/LWD reliability and quality service for the most demanding environments. With industry leading service processes and proprietary testing methods, Janel Energy Services provides clients with reliable technology and results. We are not chained to a single technology or product. We represent all technology and equipment manufacturers on the market today to ensure you have a choice when selecting the products that fit your application. There are many choices out there and we are here to ensure you get the right technology for the right application.

  • Pulse MWD/LWD
  • Rotary Steerable Systems
  • Vertical Control D&I
  • Remote Logging Capabilities
  • High LCM Pulsar Ratings
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Downhole RPM Sensing Technology
  • Reduced Connections
  • Easy Installation and Removal

Janel Energy Services recently completed its first commercial run for the new RISE™ Man-less MWD Tool in the Woodbine Basin. Combining latest sensor and component technology and proprietary surface system software, we were able to reduce operational cost and human error risk significantly for the client. Creation of a simple, fully configurable, field ready system that comes fully ready for use to drilling site is proving to raise the bar on value to our clients.

We believe the success of your project relies on our ability to put the right MWD technology on your project. This requires us to have unrestricted access to all available technologies on the market. Not all MWD technologies are created equal and not all have the same application. Some are more affordable than others while some technologies are more expensive and more technically capable than others.

MWD Technology


This system is changing the way we look at Pulse tools. Innovation doesn't always need to be complex to bring value. With other MWD alternatives far more complex and expensive to maintain, CRICKiT™ offers innovation with simplicity and affordability. A low cost, high performance and reliable MWD that's innovation.


MWD System Now Commercial


CRICKit™ Ultra Fast Pulse 

MWD System

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