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New, unmanned well-logging system successfully cuts MWD costs

(HOUSTON, January 2, 2017) An unmanned MWD (Measurement While Drilling) system has successfully completed its first commercial project.

Developed by Janel Energy Services, in partnership with Courseline Guidance, the system incorporates unique design features in both hardware and software. “Our goals in developing the system were to reduce MWD hardware and personnel costs to the operator,” said Chris Ely, Janel Energy Services Managing Director.

The tool substantially reduces hardware costs because it is smaller and simpler than conventional MWD tools. The design also makes it less expensive to manufacture.

 Software specifically written for this system substantially reduces personnel time dedicated to MWD operations. The system eliminates human interaction and replaces human tasks with logic. It is simple to operate, which reduces, or even eliminates, training costs.

 In the system’s first commercial application, in a Permian Basin well, onsite MWD technician tasks were reduced by 55%. Health and performance of the system were monitored 24/7 by the company’s remote operations center. On this project, the directional driller also acted as the relief company man. The system eliminated at least ten tasks normally performed by an MWD field technician.

“Our simplified surface system software eliminates processes normally performed by an MWD technician. The software uses a proprietary logic design and other functions to greatly reduce the risk of failure,” Ely said. “This successful project proved the ability of the system to reduce or eliminate the need for a full time staff at the wellsite to operate the tool, while also reducing risk and improving decision-making.”Type your paragraph here.