​"What I like about Janel Energy Services is that its people make the difference in today's directional drilling market with low overhead cost internally, savings are passed directly to the Client. Knowledge Communication Execution PRIDE in their work make them entirely different than traditional directional companies."

- Van Johnson | Directional Drilling Supervisor



We know creating and keeping a good team is important for the success of your project. It is mission critical that we place the right talent on your project for the right application. It is also absolutely critical that we keep them on the project throughout the project lifespan. We understand how important this step is in the process and have built our business model with this in mind. The formula is simple, create and keep a good team on the same project for continuous improvement.

Technical drilling support and assistance available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week                                 Email us: info@janelenergyservices.com 



We proudly partner with Wellsite.com to provide us with our contract MWD/DD staff. Wellsite.com makes it easy for us to manage our talent in one place.

We have established and well seasoned knowledge of top performers in every basin. Our management understands the benefits from "local knowledge" of basins throughout the US Land market and beyond. Our network of highly trained and skilled field staff can be accessed at any time. In many cases our management has been working with these talented professionals for decades.


Janel Energy Services has well over 150 years of field drilling experience between it's core contractors and staff. We stay ahead of changing technology and we work closely with our clients to exceed expectations. We do this by placing the right talent on the right project. Our experience spans all major basins and hemispheres.

Our personnel are the DNA of our business. We have professional and dedicated individuals that go out of their way to provide our clients with superior results and customer satisfaction. They are well trained and industry certified through hundreds of combined training hours. We utilize industry standard compliance systems to maintain safety training, certification and knowledge levels.